Are you considering the sale of a home or other type of property? Feel free to contact a Sales Associate at Gateway for a free consultation with no obligation.

Gateway’s Sales Associates are continually pursuing methods to better market our client’s property, professionally and tastefully. We seek out knowledge and training in marketing and financing to add even more depth to our service which is centered on the personal attention of our client and follow-through. We share with each other the experience gained in daily practice so we can enhance our goal of having the needs of our clients and customers met successfully.

Gateway Realty continues to provide extraordinary products and services enabling your Sales Associate to design a marketing plan for you that builds value and appeal into your overall property presentation to attract buyers. Examples of three of our products and services are detailed below.

Salability Checklist

This service provides a chart of actions that our experience has found to increase your property’s appeal to prospective buyers and to decrease your property’s days on the market.

Individually each action appears minor however it is the combination of the actions that becomes a major force toward placing your property ahead of its competition. (Your property’s competition is other properties for sale that are similar in price, makeup and location.)

Pricing and Positioning

This service establishes what the market is quoting as the PRICE range of your property based on the actual sold price of properties similar to yours.

You can then POSITION your property among its competition (other properties for sale similar to yours in price or make-up) so you have the best opportunity to secure a buyer ahead of your competition.

One Year Warranty

This product gives you an opportunity to build value into your price and at the same time reduce your risk before and after the sale.

The ONE YEAR WARRANTY provides coverage against break down of your home’s mechanical systems and appliances during the sale of your home and one year after settlement.

The peace of mind protection you can offer a buyer provides added value, therefore making your home more competitive in the market place. Additionally, in today’s litigious society, it may intercept a call to you after settlement.

We look forward to meeting you!

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